5 Ways to Share Your Personal and Family History

While May is Personal History Month, a time relegated to sharing oral histories, it is always a good time to decide to share your personal and family history in a few ways that have a lasting impact. Here are 5 resources that are actively seeking everything from personal stories to personal artifacts with stories to contributions.

Do you have a family heirloom or something that has historical value as it relates to your family? The National Museum of African American History and Culture is seeking single items and collections along with the stories that accompany each.

PBS’ American Masters is looking for stories about inspiring women. You can submit someone or share your story.

AARP’s Disrupt Aging is looking for personal stories.

Billed as “The Conversation of a Lifetime,” Story Corps is an interactive way to record personal history through inquiry. You pick someone, choose the topic, and interview them. You can upload your story to their site and share via their mobile application. They have a tour that travels, and you can also apply to participate that way. The recordings are then archived at the Library of Congress.

Share your 100-word story with Reader’s Digest and earn $100 if selected. Reader’s Digest has a number of other opportunities to share personal stories as well.

Do you know of other opportunities to share a personal story? If so, post in the comments.


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