Market Your Book with Curated Song Playlists

Marketing a book is a full-time job, but every now and then there are some things we can that bring a bit of whimsy and fun. One of those things is curating music playlists to share with your readers via your social networks and even in your newsletters. Here are five online resources to begin your playlists.

  • Create a Pandora station that is in the genre you want in either their free plan or premium.
  • Spotify offers an easy way to create playlists with titles in both free and premium. You can create a playlist by your book’s title.
  • iTunes is another easy playlist to create, curate, and share. They also have Apple Radio and you can create your own station for sharing.
  • Youtube playlists of videos are really great for collecting similar artists, themes, and topics for sharing with your followers. Your playlists can be embedded on your website for easy access.
  • You can curate music and podcasts using Soundcloud. You can add contributions of other users to your lists too.

What’s an added value of creating and curating playlists? Well, you can create shareable content that helps tell your book or writing’s story in music, and you can share a bit of your own tastes with followers and learn about their tastes as well.

Idea: If you’re launching a book, a playlist is a nice freebie to giveaway to supporters.

If you have a playlist, post a link in the comments, please.

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