Sage Advice from a Book Buyer for a Major Book Chain

If one digs hard enough, one can dig out useful information to assist them in doing almost anything of value. For example, a “found” item was the advice from a book buyer – the person charged with choosing book titles for a store’s inventory – for a major bookstore chain. The advice below is strictly for self-published authors and contrary to popular belief, some self-published books can compete with those published by a publishing house.

  1. If your book is non-fiction, then having a well-crafted, professional index increases your chances of being purchased by the store.
  2. Non-fiction books with professional commercial photography are considered for purchase. Bad photography and artwork are dismissed.
  3. Are the fonts readable and good for readers’ eyes?
  4. Is the topic timely and interesting?
  5. Is the title interesting?
  6. Does the back cover copy (information) match up with the quality of the content and the topic?
  7. Is your cover art, and that includes the spine, enticing and exciting?

Some of this seems like common sense information, still people jump head first into creating their books without regard for what the people who select books for chains consider buyable works. Now you know.

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