Writing Sensation July 2018 – Terri Ann Johnson



Welcome back to Writing Sensation! If you tuned in last month, I introduced you to fellow Brown Girls Books author, Terri Ann Johnson. In support of her debut novel Faith Alone, here is a second reminder that her book will be out on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Congratulations and many blessings, Sister Scribe!

Terri Ann Johnson is a national bestselling author for her contribution to the anthology All I Want for Christmas. She has always had an enthusiasm for reading which blossomed into a desire to write. Terri is a mom and loves to travel with her family and friends. She is a finance professional in Washington, D.C. and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Please visit her website at www.terriannjohnson.com/www.browngirlsbooks.com


Faith Alone

PAB – Tell us the title of your new book and what it is about.

TAJThe title of my debut novel is Faith Alone. It is in the Christian fiction genre and I added some romance. One of the themes is overcoming challenges. How do we respond? What do we lean on during challenging times? My main character, Lachelle, is coping with a life-threatening pregnancy while she is in the midst of unsurmountable grief. She experiences some dark days, emotionally, which gives us a glimpse into what depression looks like. In terms of physical health, I hope Faith Alone raises awareness on a medical condition called preeclampsia which is a life-threatening hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that occurs in about eight percent of all women.

PAB – Give us some insight about your main characters in the story.

TAJ – Brian and Lachelle have been married for twelve years and have accepted that they won’t have children. But, unexpectedly they find themselves pregnant. This pregnancy is life-threatening for Lachelle. After tragedy occurs, Lachelle struggles emotionally, mentally and physically, but her best friends are there to help her come to terms with some challenges of her past so that she can let go of some baggage.

PAB – What inspired you to write Faith Alone?

TAJ – Many parts of this story have been on my heart for years. I pieced those parts together to write Faith Alone. One of my closest friends has experienced preeclampsia for the majority of her life. I’ve dealt with various levels of depression as many of us do. And my sister/friends are an important part of my life. You’ll see these themes run through the book.

PAB – Tell us what helps you stay on track with writing and completing a book.

TAJ – I live by outlines, deadlines and an accountability partner that keeps me on task.

PAB – What kind of research did you have to do to write your book?

TAJ – Well, I wanted Lachelle’s pregnancy to be as authentic as possible. I spoke to OB/GYNs, survivors of preeclampsia and I read numerous articles about the disease. I spoke to law enforcement professionals and attorneys regarding sentencing guidelines. I’m a fiction author but I want my facts to be correct.

PAB – How has writing impacted your life?

TAJ – Writing brings me happiness. There is just something about getting your stories on paper and into a book. It is an extreme sense of accomplishment. But, writing is not easy. You have to create time to get your thoughts out of your head.

PAB – What advice can you give aspiring writers to help them finish their books?

TAJ –My biggest piece of advice would be to write one word each day. My mentor gave me this piece of advice and it helped. When you begin typing you won’t want to stop until your thoughts are out.  And don’t edit while writing your first draft, just get it out of your head. I’d also recommend taking writing classes to gain confidence in the technical aspects of writing.

PAB – Tell the readers how they can learn more about you and your work?

TAJ –  Please visit my website www.TerriAnnJohnson.com

PAB – What’s next for Terri Ann Johnson?

TAJ – I’m currently writing my sophomore novel, Switched, which I hope will be released in the summer of 2019.


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