Host a Watch Party in Your Facebook Group

Do you have a dedicated Facebook group that includes followers or clients? If so, you can use the Watch Party feature to engage your followers and create discussion time.

  1. Go to the new post feature and choose WATCH PARTY.
  2. Find public videos on Facebook to add to your queue.
  3. Post the Watch Party.
  4. Group members will be alerted via notifications, but only if they receive notifications from your group.

Choose a theme of the videos, many come in series. Show the series.

Plan the Watch Party by creating a group event to give advance notice. At this time Watch Parties cannot be scheduled but you can schedule a meet-up date and time, and add your videos to the queue a few minutes before hand. You can search out and choose your videos in advance.

Your Watch Party automatically goes to a separate page with a chat applet for commenting. And you can invite participants in the group even as the videos begin.

You also have the option to end the Watch Party in the middle of a video.

This sounds like fun. You should try it and be creative in how you use it.

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