Tips for Preparing Your Books for Holiday Sales NOW

It’s not quite the holiday season but before you know it, it will be here. Will you be ready? As authors we have to practice preventative marketing so we are not caught off-guard, and in this case, be prepared to leverage the holiday season. These tips are both preventative marketing and pre-holiday season sales.

If you’re a self-published author, then take the time as well as invest in additional proofreading and copy editing of your work before publishing more copies. Clean up and tighten up grammar, typos, and punctuation.  You can also take the time to update your cover copy if you’ve won awards or made a bestsellers list. Or you can update your author photo and bio.

Create a pre-holiday sale as early as September or October. Sell your books as a pre-holiday gift bundle, if possible.

Use your Instagram and Facebook shop features to sell the book as a special pre-holiday promotion now. Have memes created for your social networks that advertise the promo.

Create an e-newsletter reminding your subscribers that this is a great time to purchase your books as holiday gifts.

Collaborate with other authors to cross-promote and even share the expense of buying Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads. Another advertising option can come from book marketers who have myriad ways to promote books with their own audiences.

Plan your pre-Thanksgiving Day sales and promos (now until November 21), post-Thanksgiving promos (Black Friday November 23, Small Business Saturday November 24, Cyber Monday November 26) and begin scheduling memes with the appropriate hashtags.

Utilize Amazon and Goodreads for book giveaways and holiday related contests and promos now.

The holiday sales promotions do not have to interfere with your ongoing promotions. They can work in tandem and should. Book marketing is hard, but it is necessary. Beginning holiday sales now will save you time later and you could be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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