8 Pieces of Information about Your Book to Keep Handy for Vendor Sales

This is a think like a bookstore or vendor moment. If you’re planning to sell your books to bookstores – independent or chain – to libraries or to museums, you should always have these eight pieces of information nearby to help those entities sell your book.

  1. Your retail price and your wholesale price, including bulk sales prices.
  2. Your barcode scans saved as an image. Write the numbers down in a convenient place.
  3. Your ISBNs for each book with coordinating format (e-book/hardback/paperback).
  4. Sample pages to attach to your email request or query.
  5. A cover image.
  6. A brief comparison statement that begins with “If your readers loved ____, then they will also love ______.”  The second book title should be yours.
  7. The local story that is tied to the book’s story. That story could be you as the local author or a setting in the book or some historical information in the storyline. Keep a paragraph available to share with vendors.
  8. A promotional plan that you have to include the vendor’s brand in your book sales.

Technically, this is an organizational matter, but it is helpful for selling a book for big sales to vendors or organizations. Vendors like bookstores deal with efficiency and information that enables them to visualize the potential for sales. Help them by keeping this information nearby.

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