7 Questions for Book Authors and Self-Publishers

Be warned: These are questions without immediate answers. These are more like challenges to discover more ways to distribute, market, and sell your books or build your publishing business.

  1. Have you heard of The Bulk Book Store? Look over their site and see if there is some way they could be of service to you.
  2. Have you considered creating a Facebook profile photo frame to promote your next book or project?
  3. Do you know we all rely heavily on clichés in creative writing? We don’t even notice.
  4. Having trouble coming up with character names? Maybe you need a name generator.
  5. Are you a literary entrepreneur who needs some guidance?
  6. Do you need an easy way to track work expenses, invoice and create proposals that is absolutely free? It is also tied to Fivrr.com.
  7. Have you explored all of the ways you can use Paper by Dropbox?

Discovery is our friend. Explore the tools linked above and choose the ones that are most useful to you and your book business.

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