5 Social Media Platforms to Keep Your Eyes On

Do you remember making the switch from Myspace to Facebook just when you were mastering how to market your projects or yourself? Maybe it was Black Planet or Yahoo Groups before Twitter. As you know, social media changes swiftly with new tools and new features on the old tools. Instead of becoming frustrated, go with the flow, and experiment with a few new things coming down the pike.

  1. Canva the graphics tool has made some recent changes, including a Beta testing of a new way to create in a more organized fashion. You can access that feature now. In the future, expect the inclusion of a scheduling tool, which is being beta-tested by a select group of users now. If you can create using Canva, then why not schedule on the same platform?
  2. Blogging, as you know, is a form of social media. WordPress’s Gutenberg project will ultimately become the only way to use the platform. It is similar to drag and drop but it relies on building blocks on individual posts and pages (with plugins) that give each page a unique look and function.
  3. Vero is a platform that is growing in popularity. It enables you to make social more personal and personable by sharing only with the people you want to share your videos and photos with. It is free for life. Try it.
  4. Caffeine is a new broadcasting tool to livestream for fun, for gaming or to speak with your audiences. It’s in pre-release mode, so feel free to sign up now.
  5. Instagram’s IGTV is turning the photo-sharing platform into a broadcast studio. More and more Instagram business users are producing long-form and episodic videos to engage their audiences. Expect that to grow.

These are just five platforms to keep an eye on as you keep in mind that you don’t have to use every feature on any of them. Just use what works for you.

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