Writing about Another Era? 5 Sites to Give You Inspiration with Insights

Often newbie writers gloss over the details that defined an era other than their own. The details of what people wore, ate, and even did in another era can make or break the credibility of your story. Here are five sites that can give you information and insight into some of those details.

  • RetroWaste is a database of information about fashion, movies, and other details of eras from the 1920s to the 1990s – the last century
  • Historian Jan Whitaker’s Restaurant-ing through History blog gives a decade-by-decade glimpse into food that was popular, food customs, and even into the pricing
  • Smithsonian Magazine online has a wealth of informative articles that provide historical details and facts
  • National Geographic Magazine online is another jewel resource for geographical and historical details
  • Auction Finds is a blend of historical information and details about things like home furnishings and art and collectibles from the past

Your local library is filled with reference books and other books that can assist you in digging out facts for your historical novel. Do you have a favorite resource? If so, post it in a comment, please.


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