5 Ways to Beat a Creativity Crisis

It is absolutely a crisis whenever we struggle over one word in a sentence or a way to tell a story. Writers, contrary to popular belief, will ride that struggle bus to stuck more often than not. It’s a crisis shared by most creative people, and it happens when it is least convenient.

If you are stuck or experiencing block, then here are a few ways to beat that crisis.

  1. Change your furniture or the location where you write or create. Change the direction you normally face. Physically move you or something to change perspective.
  2. Set a deadline for doing absolutely nothing. Give yourself permission and a deadline to do nothing. For example, give yourself an hour to nap, read, watch TV…anything that is not your work.
  3. Keep writing or painting or doing your thing until an idea pops into your head, and it will.
  4. Play a game on your tablet or phone. Buy a coloring book or crossword puzzle book and play.
  5. Channel your creative juices and do something else like bake, knit, or garden. If you use your hands to something methodical and consuming, you will become relaxed and an idea or two will follow.

Exercise is another way to beat a creativity crisis. It is mind-clearing as is dancing. Take a walk, move your body even if you simply get up and do some chores.

If the crisis lasts longer than an hour or day, then don’t panic, keep shaking things up. Also, give yourself a break. If you have to stop, then stop. Just don’t give up.

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