Author and Book Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram is still growing as a social network. There are a variety of ways to use it from selling to posting “stories” to IGTV ,and of course, posting images remains the number one use of Instagram. Here are some tips for keeping your feed fresh and focused on you and your literary projects.

  1. Do not use any more than 30 hashtags per post. In fact, research hashtags and post the ones that send you directly to potential readers.
  2. Hijack a hashtag that belongs to an audience you want to reach. It doesn’t matter if it only has 45 posts, start using it if the audience is likely to find you.
  3. Use natural sunlight when posting photos and try not to post photos that are too filtered or dark.
  4. Post bright memes and memes with quotations that have some white space. It will give your profile a cheerier look and feel.
  5. Need stock photos? Use Pexels and Pixabay for free use.
  6. Do a giveaway of book pairs. Give one of your books away with a book by an established author with a huge fan base to attract followers.
  7. Always study to see which posts get the most interaction from followers and post more of those types.
  8. Be creative. Ask your followers questions you want your characters to answer in your novel. Ask followers a question related to a non-fiction topic you’re writing about. Engage and involve them.
  9. Post regularly and experiment with times of postings.
  10. Surprise superfans and re-post their photos on your profile. Don’t forget to tag them.
  11. Build an organic following instead of purchasing followers. Purchased followers will drop off and few care about the content.
  12. Comment on other people’s content. Leave a sincere comment and keep it moving. Don’t self-promote just reply accordingly.

This is a discovery. Banned Instagram hashtags. Some of the reasoning is clear (they attract bots) while others not so much. Still, it is a handy tool for marketing.

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