Dealing with Bad Reviews and Testimonials like a Pro

You will not please everyone with your literature. It is a fact. Authors who have written classics have received bad reviews as well as some of our best-selling authors. The same goes for testimonials. There will be people who will leave a glowing testimonial while others live to give line-by-line critiques. For some reason, human nature never remembers the good reviews and testimonials; human nature will replay the bad. There is another way: the pro’s way. Here are a few tips:

  1. Pros rarely read reviews or testimonials. Ignore them and keep writing.
  2. Pros pay people (or ask their publishing house) to grab the best sentences and blurbs from reviews and testimonials to publish on the back cover of their books, share in a social media meme, and post on their websites.
  3. Pros who read reviews and testimonials look for important criticism. They want to know if the editing is sloppy or if the book contained too many grammatical errors and typos, and if the story was hard to follow. Why? To improve the next edition and/or the next book.
  4. Pros might take the time to thank reviewers and testimonial givers on Amazon or Facebook or on their sites. They also might take the time to ask the testimonial person why the book is a “must-read” or a bust. They will engage the person for constructive criticism and to build a relationship.
  5. Pros take it on the chin but they do not stop writing or publishing.

It’s like turning lemons into lemonade. Pros learn not to obsess and react but rather remain mindful and thoughtful in their engagement. Also, they know not to engage someone who is obviously contentious.

Take what you need from reviews and testimonials. You’ll be surprised how that will improve your brand as an author.

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