Facebook and Instagram Updates You Should Know and Use

Our favorite social networks constantly change. They add or remove features regularly. It’s hard to keep up. Here are a few to note.


Do you have a Facebook group? Well, you’ve probably noticed that when you type an update the paragraph symbol (¶) otherwise known as the pilcrow appears to assist you in writing. Hopefully, they will add it to business pages.

No longer can you or anyone be immediately added to Facebook groups. They can be invited with an option to decline or accept. Admins will be alerted with an invite is pending without action.

If you share videos on your profile or page, Facebook polices potential copyright infringements, and they will mute whatever part of the video (music, movies, plays) that potentially fall into the category of “unauthorized use.” Interestingly, they’ve yet to do the same on their product Instagram.


You can now promote IGTV videos with snippets on Instagram Stories. You can also share a snippet of someone else’s IGTV video on your Instagram story.

You can add titles to your Instagram Live updates.

These are minor changes but they are good if you use both Facebook and Instagram to market you or your products.


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