7 Summer Book or Product Promotions that Cost Little to Nothing

Book and product marketing is not hard but it is time-consuming. It also can cost money, so here are 7 ideas you can implement with little to no money or in little time.

  1. Create graphics that promote your own book(s) and schedule them throughout the summer.
  2. Add your personal summer reading list on your website blog. Share it on social media and even tag authors.
  3. Create a playlist – Music to Read By on the Beach (or something like that) – and share it across social networks always providing a link to your own books.
  4. Start promoting a work in progress or an upcoming product promotion. Provide teasers.
  5. Create local events in the library like meetups or go invite local fans and friends to meet you for coffee – pay for a pot or two and just have fun chatting and taking photos for social media.
  6. Query a local newspaper or online publication to write a post or two about book writing or giving business tips. Use your boilerplate bio (the mini bio at the end) to link your site.
  7. Use your Facebook Business Page’s Watch feature to upload videos or host watch parties on Facebook, invite followers, and discuss. You can pre-schedule them and take the time to watch and discuss with them.

Sometimes the simple things do the absolute most to keep the marketing wheel turning. You’ve got this!

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