Want to Create Audiobooks? Here are 5 Really Good Resources

Audiobooks are emerging as a trend in book publishing. More and more indie authors are considering taking their works and turning them into another stream of income known as audiobooks. If you have been considering it, here are five great resources to study and consider.

Read this article on Jane Friedman’s site as written by Jules Horne, Writing for Audio: Understanding Attunement, then follow the links to Jules’ site to learn more from her expertise on audiobooks.

Visit Findaway Voices to learn about their services for audiobook producers. They have a sister site Chirp that focuses on marketing and distributing audiobooks.

EBook It has a step-by-step guide for producing an audiobook that is pretty good for free advice found online.

Author’s Republic is an amazing resource not only for audiobook production and distribution but for the promotion and distribution of hard copies too.

Lastly, Deborah Jacobs deals extensively about the business of audiobooks on her site.

Imagine all of the people who don’t have time for reading a hard copy of a book but prefer to listen to your work while driving or commuting. This could be an amazing option for you.

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