5 Ways to Get Publicity for Anything but Your Book

Most people make the mistake of believing that publicity is limited to their book project, when it involves layers and layers of strategy on the part of publicists and PR professionals. If you have a book to sell, the last thing you want to rely on is simply publicity for the book. People don’t buy books, they buy authors. That said, here are 5 ways to get publicity or solicit it when you don’t want to pay a publicist (pray for them) or you cannot afford to pay for one.

  1. Extract topical themes from the book and send email messages to your local media telling them that you’re equipped to speak on those subjects. Please be equipped to speak on those topics.
  2. Write an op-ed for your local newspaper – print or online – that speaks to a subject nearest and dearest to your heart, and make sure your mini bio mentions you are an author and has your website address.
  3. Find a site that has content you love, and write the editor a request to write an article. Again, make sure your mini bio contains information about your book.
  4. Write a local book journalist or features editor and ask them the ways you can be included in stories in their section. Make sure you introduce yourself to them in a way that signals gratitude and sincerity.
  5. Every three or so months, send an email message to local community affairs directors at TV and radio stations to let them know you are available for forums or panels on their shows.

Bonus: Take a few chances on Twitter and Instagram and reach out to journalists and people who cover books to draw attention to you and your work.

Publicity is tricky but you can do these 5 things. Remember to always thank a journalist or editor for covering you or not, they won’t forget your kindness.


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