2019 Book Trends for Authors

Of course, you don’t really care about trends but you care. It is often interesting to see what types of books – fiction and nonfiction – are selling or emerging as hot. And we should know what will make a difference in book marketing. Let’s take a look.

  • An emphasis book quality – Self-publishing authors are increasing by the droves and competing with traditional publishing houses for reader dollars, which means authors have to work twice as hard to put out quality projects. The quality has to show up in the writing style, editing and proofreading, the cover art, and in how the book is marketed. Hint: Check Amazon reviews for comments on your work and pay close attention to what readers say about the quality.
  • Audio is growing as a trend – Indie authors should heed that trend and consider investing in audio book recordings of their work too.
  • There is a return to early publicity for book releases – Indie authors often get it wrong and begin marketing and publicizing their books near or after publication. Look at some of the more successful authors you read, and you will see that they are announcing and opening their books up for pre-orders nearly six months in advance. (In the old days, publishing houses publicized books a year in advance.)
  • Indie presses will become more sophisticated and aggressive in their marketing strategies – Some small publishers have done a great job in marketing and distributing their books. This is a new day and many others are finding it a necessity to reevaluate their approaches to the business of selling books. Self-publishing is also maturing, so expect to see authors and small presses investing more into their brands.

These four trends have not appeared out of nowhere. They’ve been inching forward slowly but surely. Which ones caught your eye?

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