Essential Self-care Tips for Writers and Creatives

Contrary to popular belief, successful authors and writers do not have perfect lives. The act of writing is a disciplined act, and the lifestyle requires more juggling than not. One of the things authors let slip through the cracks is self-care. Self-care is necessary and we have a few tips:

  • Every smartphone has alarms and stopwatches. Use them. Write or create and set alarms and timers that alert you to get up and stretch your legs, eat, and shut it down to decompress. 
  • Find an exercise routine that fits in with your home life and your creative life. Maybe walking for an hour a day is your thing or you are a dancer. You know your creative peaks better than anyone, and you know your home life best. Schedule in exercise for mind, body and soul. 
  • Prepare snacks and meals in advance of your time to create or write. Sugary snacks aren’t wise and heavy meals can make one sleepy. Use creativity in the kitchen that fuels your creativity. 
  • Be selfish with your creative time. Limit interruptions and distractions to emergencies only. 
  • Know when to shut it down to live your life. Pursue your hobby, go on a trip or vacation, and go to concerts or events that lift your spirits. 

One creative, a singer, steals away to her bathroom in the middle of the day to take a long bath. She leaves her phone far from her tub, and she instructs family to leave her alone. She guards her “me” time. Another creative, an author, has turned her writing room into a sacred space; drama and family chaos has to live outside of its doors. She keeps the room comfortable with fresh flowers, candles, favorite music, and has lighting that serves her no matter the time of day. 

Self-care is pertinent to surviving and thriving as a creative. Do what you must to take care of your emotions and your body as you create. 

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