Tips to Becoming Relatable on Your Social Networks

Time is a major factor why most authors and creatives don’t post regularly or only post marketing materials on their social networks. We get that time is precious. But we also understand that people don’t buy your book or work, they really buy you. Here are some tips to becoming more “real,” human and relatable to your followers. 

  1. Post photos of you actually doing something that they would also do. For example, if you are at the grocery store, post a quick photo of something that caught your interest. Ask your followers a question about that object or activity. 
  2. Share a humorous meme or graphic that shows your sense of humor. 
  3. Engage followers using a household chore. For example, show your mop or broom, and ask them which they prefer to do or not. Maybe you can express your least favorite chore for the sake of conversation. 
  4. Post memes or graphics with no pictures that pose singular statements or questions. For example, a simple graphic with the question “How was your day?” can be inviting. Another reading, “Today was a good day” can be equally as inviting. 
  5. Pick a day a week to “like” and acknowledge followers on a single post. Let people know that you value the time they take to read your posts and comment. 
  6. Repost some of their content on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. Thank them. 
  7. Tag some of the loyal followers on a post. Let them know you see them and are grateful for them. 

Your engagement with social media followers can potentially brighten someone’s day. All fans like to be acknowledged. They also like knowing that you are flesh and blood like they are. 

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