Articles about Writing Better by Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is the writer’s writer and a great authority on the business of writing better. We’ve curated a few articles that could be helpful to you if you aspire to be a better writer and better at the business of writing. 

Copyediting Jobs: How to Estimate Hours and Pricing

“Copy editors are known for perfectionism. But while there’s no end to the fussing you can do, there’s a limit to what someone will pay you to do it.” In this guest post, CMOS contributing editor Carol Saller explains how to determine what your time is worth.

Why Self-Publishing Authors Should Consider Establishing Their Own Imprint

Imprints aren’t just for big publishers; any self-publishing author can invent an imprint under which to operate. In this guest post, consultant and author David Wogahn explains the many ways that an imprint can help your branding and marketing.

A Short and Sweet Beginner’s Guide to Securing Amazon Reviews

It’s been proven by research: reviews help drive book sales. And reviews on Amazon can help your book turn up more often in customer searches. So you want reviews—great reviews—but they need to be authentic. Here’s how to get them.

Context: When a Story Demands More Than Plot

Sometimes a story demands more than just a plot. You may want to create a context, a descriptive background that sheds light on a story’s meaning.

9 Ways (and 2 Rewards) of Marketing Your Own Book

Authors who want to sell their work must often do the marketing themselves, and some methods are easier than others. In this guest post, essayist, memoirist and short story writer Beth Alvarado discusses the ways and reasons why you should take an active role in marketing your own book.

How to Plan a Book Reading That Delights Your Audience

Reading your writing in public can be daunting, but the audience is your ally. Keep them engaged with these planning tips from public speaking coach James Nave and workshop leader Allegra Huston, co-authors of How to Read for an Audience: The Stuff Nobody Teaches You.

Jane invites some of the most gifted experts to write for her blog. Some of her information is next level. Enjoy reading.


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