7 Things to Do this Fall to Refresh Your Spirit

The weather is changing and there are activities you can no longer do that you did this summer. Your spirit needs lifting, and we have seven things you can do to refresh and feel invigorated even in colder weather.

  • Join a book club or begin one that meets in a place like a library or museum. 
  • Check your local theater, symphony, and opera companies to purchase tickets to see a play, hear a concerto, or listen to an opera.
  • Take a class at your local community college. Continuing education programs are helpful for both professional and personal growth.
  • Sign up for an indoor exercise class. Yoga, Pilates, and line-dancing classes are good for the body and mind. 
  • Find a local charity and volunteer. 
  • Somewhere in your city is a cooking class. Learn a new cuisine to cook. 
  • Devote 2 to 24 hours to your own wellness and well-being. Schedule time to hear your own thoughts, meditate, and simply rest. 

The key to feeling refreshed is to try some new things, embrace a few old things, and be open to feeling better. We all need the refreshing. How do you lift your own spirits in the fall? Tell us in a comment, please.


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