7 Ways to Make Money as You Write

If you’ve decided to go for it and begin writing full-time or even as a part-time endeavor, you will need income to support the writer’s life between paychecks or paydays. Here are seven ways to make money as you write to support yourself. 

  1. Try using Patreon to set up monthly subscriptions to blog content and more. If you podcast, then this is a great way to build an audience too. 
  2. Market yourself as a copywriter or editor to other writers. 
  3. Become another author or two or three’s social media manager and content producer. 
  4. Host a monthly book brunch, where you charge for admission to make a little profit as well as pay for food. 
  5. Drive for Lyft and Uber or even one of the food delivery services like DoorDash. 
  6. Secure work as a virtual assistant to type and create documents for business people. 
  7. Tutor. 

Good writers with good to great skills always have ways to use their gifts to make money while trying to support a burgeoning career. What other ways can people make money as they write? Tell us in the comments, please. 


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