8 Things to Do to Prepare for Spring

Spring 2020 begins on March 19, and you don’t have to wait to prepare for a new season and new beginning. Here are eight things you can do that are simple enough, but all are aimed at inspiring you and waking up those creative juices. 

  1. Create a Spotify or streaming service playlist that is filled with upbeat music to keep you focused on better weather and the hope of a new beginning. You can also create one that helps stir those creative juices to write, paint or do whatever moves you. 
  2. Go into your drawers and start removing items to throw away and replace, give away and replace, and to keep. There is something about purging that helps the brain function better. 
  3. Go online to Eventbrite and seek out some free events and put them on your calendar as a date alone or with your best buddies. 
  4. Plan a get together like brunch or lunch with your friends. 
  5. Explore vacation possibilities. Certainly there is somewhere you’d like to visit this year. Figure out how to make it happen. 
  6. Overview your finances. Keep an eye on your money matters frequently to plan and to consider how to even make more money. 
  7. Search Pinterest for new hairstyle ideas and new clothing ideas too. Maybe it’s time for a makeover. 
  8. Try something new to you. Only you know what that is, but spring is a wonderful time to do something new. Try it. 

Wishing you a beautiful new season and looking forward to tackling a few of these tasks along with you. 


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