A List of the New Changes on Facebook

Facebook is like the rest of us, activating a new vision – a 2020 vision – for their site. Some of the changes are slow rolling out and some are active now. Probably by the time you read this post, there will be even more changes. Here is a list:

The are BETA Testing a New Look for Profiles 

  • You could already have access to it or you could have the option to give it a view. The place to look is in your settings. Tap on the dropdown menu that leads to settings, read the menu and near the bottom is either nothing about it or BETA Test or the option to switch to the new look. This video explains it well. Like Twitter, you will have the option to view your profile in light or dark mode. There are other additions, but it is taking on the look of a website. 
  • If you don’t like it, you can switch back to classic Facebook. 

The Integration of Instagram and Facebook 2020

  • Facebook is pushing Instagram users to connect their accounts to a Facebook page not to be confused with your personal profile. They will send you email and post notices on your newsfeed, so keep an eye out. 
  • Hootsuite and other scheduling tools are posting notices reminding users to make sure they have the Business Pages and Instagram Business accounts synced. 
  • Also, you have the option with Instagram stories to post to Facebook stories at the same time. 

Facebook Groups Have a Few New Features

  • Groups are no longer SECRET. They are closed. 
  • Facebook is pushing for users to create more and more niche groups. Begin one and take a test run. 
  • Groups with large numbers have an ability to monetize or charge for membership. Maybe yours is one. 

Changes are best viewed on your desktop or laptop screen.

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