The Personal Matter of Finances During the Covid-19 Crisis

Are you experiencing anxiety over how to pay your bills during this crisis? Some of us are confined to our homes for various reasons and/or have lost income. Maybe some of these suggestions and resources will be of help. 

Things you can do now:

  • Notify debtors about your loss of income. 
  • See if you have any paid protections such as the ability to ask for deferred payments, interest forgiveness and more on loans. 
  • Check to see what your state/region/municipality is offering in the way of eviction, utility payment and mortgage suspensions. 

Need remote employment? Here is a list of online resources that could be of help. 

  • Consider searching Facebook for remote job groups such as Dreamers//Doers and Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads. There are many others. 
  • Here is a “massive” list via The Work-from-Home Mother. 
  • And there is also,, and 
  • Ask people if they need any help. Ask friends if they know of anyone. 
  • Put a call out on your social networks. Tell people you need remote work. 

Some social service agencies have a variety of services available for people who have lost income or work during this time. Call the United Way for referrals. 

There are also a few funds established to assist, depending on your experience and background. They are worth exploring. To find them type the keywords “covid-19 and emergency funds and emergency assistance” in Google and just take the time to research. Reach out to your social networks for information. Here are some resources but we cannot guarantee they are still available:



If you know of other resources, this is a great time to share as well as a great reason to do so. We just want you to receive care. 


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