It’s Not Summer Until You … 

We know you already know it’s not summer until you do what you generally do in the summertime. But what if you get busy and mired by a few life events? Here are some reminders that it’s not summertime until you have a little fun. 

  • Dangle your bare feet in a pool or pond and even walk around barefoot in clean grass. 
  • Sip iced tea and watch the sun go down from your porch or patio. 
  • Get up early enough to listen to the birds sing and watch the sun go up. 
  • Buy or cut fresh flowers to be arranged in a vase for your home and eyesight. 
  • Open all of your windows (and doors) to let a summer breeze flow through your space. 
  • Take a ride in the country to buy some fresh produce and take in the scenery. 
  • Buy a big floppy straw hat to wear out in your garden or to shop and protect your skin from the sun. 
  • Catch a firefly. 
  • Bake a cobbler from scratch using an old family recipe. 
  • Wave at your neighbors, because they would probably like it. 
  • Make a summer playlist to stream from sunup to sundown. 

Sometimes the best things in life are free and easy. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful summer filled with things that make you smile.

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