10 Easy Summer Projects that Include Friends and Family

The pandemic has limited many of our usual summer activities but in some ways it has challenged us to be more creative. Summer is supposed to be fun time and time for gatherings. It can continue to be both with some social distancing and purpose that keeps us safe and connected. Here are 10 ways:

  1. Begin a genealogy “club” with friends who need a boost in creating their family trees. Facebook Groups and Messenger Rooms. Share family histories and resources. 
  2. Begin a genealogy “club” with family using the same tools as above but also include sharing photos, videos, and anything that helps you all tell your family’s unique story. 
  3. Introduce younger family to their history by creating digital or paper scrapbooks together. 
  4. Use a free, library-based app like Kanopy to watch movies (including documentaries) together and then host a Zoom or Messenger Rooms chat. 
  5. Screen share with Google Meets or Zoom to explore virtual museum exhibits together online. 
  6. Swap outdoor chores and fix-it needs. Good at gardening? Help a friend with theirs. Bad at grilling? Have your friend grill for you. Need your lawn mowed? Ask a family member to cut it. Know someone who needs minor house repairs? Go over and fix a few things. 
  7. Share lunch in the parking lot of a restaurant. Park next to a relative or friend, stay in your vehicle, eat lunch and chat it up. Tell restaurant management what you’re doing ahead of time so that you are not interrupted or harassed. 
  8. Go strawberry or peach or apple picking at a local farm. 
  9. Read bedtime stories to your little relatives or the small children of friends who live far away or who are practicing social distancing. 
  10. Host a weekly dance party via Zoom or Google Meets. It’s a great way to laugh and exercise and you can do it for as little time or as long as you like. 

We want you to have fun. We want you to be comfortable during this virus crisis. If you have an idea, please share in a comment. It would be deeply appreciated. 


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