Genealogy and History Resources Everyone Can Use

Genealogy is history and history involves the exploration of family trees and, of course, people. Whether you are a history buff or someone researching your family history, these resources can help. We also think you will find them flat out interesting. 

Who is Nicka Smith? 

This is the online home for Nicka Smith, a photographer who is also a genealogy professional. Her blog posts, social media posts and show ProGen Live are all resources anyone would love. Visit her Black ProGen Live Youtube channel for over 100 videos that educate and inform. 

Beyond Kin

Beyond Kin is a database and site filled with information regarding the documentation of enslaved populations, which are difficult to trace for many reasons. Sign up for their webinars and follow them on social media to catch some of their fascinating information. 

The Slave Dwelling Project

This project is a wonderful project that seeks to introduce people to the day-to-day lives of enslaved people in the United States. Before Covid, they hosted overnight stays at slave dwellings across the country. Now, you can watch their videos, read their blog, and even invite the founder Joseph McGill to speak (Zoom) to your group online. 

Our Black Ancestry

OBA is one of the longest running portals for people interested in discovering their roots and learning more about the complicated aspects of tracing family. The site is a membership site but there are wonderful resources available for visitors. The Facebook group is filled with people willing to help others with their genealogy questions. 

The Slavery and Remembrance Project

This project is for those interested in learning about the preservation of slave burial sites, finding buried ancestors, museums and history. The various partners involved each offer great information for researchers and genealogy buffs. 


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