A Few Ways to Share Your Coronavirus Lessons with Your Social Following

This coronavirus crisis has taught everybody something of value. Some of those lessons are worthy of sharing with your social media family and followers for many reasons. For example, sharing one lesson could bring comfort to someone else. Another good reason is it humanizes the experience. And, it is a great way to create an engaging, meaningful discussion. Here are a few questions you can answer then translate to social media posts. 

  1. Have you been cooking more since the beginning of the pandemic?
  2. Have you taken up a new hobby?
  3. Have you gained or lost weight?
  4. What books have you read?
  5. Have you tried something new? 
  6. Have you kicked a bad habit?
  7. Did you finish an ongoing project?
  8. Which movies and TV programs captured your attention?
  9. What have you learned about yourself?
  10. What have you learned about people?

These 10 questions can also be asked and answered by you and recorded in a special Covid-19 journal you can leave to family and friends or even share as a gift. We are all in this together. And this is a unique time in history. 


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