7 Ways to Break Free While Staying Safe 

As colder weather approaches, we will all be left with the challenge of getting fresh air and seeking outdoor activities until this pandemic is over. We all need a few ways to break free, feel freer and do both without risking our own health and the health of others. We have some suggestions.

  1. Plan regular outdoor outings during times of day and to places with the least amount of people traffic. Find a bench somewhere and sit to read or people watch. Set a timer, if it helps and go back inside or to your safe space at home. 
  2. Find a local orchard to pick apples or pears or pumpkins. Wear a mask but distance yourself to sit on the grounds to soak up some sun, fresh air and a bit of freedom. 
  3. Rent a bike for a couple of hours. If affordable, schedule it a few times a month. 
  4. See if you can find an outdoor tai chi or yoga class to stretch your body and activate those endorphins – the happy hormone. 
  5. Get in your car or rent one to travel the countryside, watch the scenery and drive with the windows open. 
  6. Drive to a shopping mall, park your car in the rear, and sit with the windows open or pull out a folding chair to simply breathe and take in a change of scenery. 
  7. Go to Meetup.com and find a local outdoors group like Outdoor Afro and go for a walk on a hiking trail or even rafting on the river. 

The point of planning is to control your sense of well-being. Your physical freedom has a lot to do with your mental health. And if you need to visit a counselor or therapist, please do. 

You are not alone. Take care of all of you. 


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