Sick of Zoom Meetings? Tips to Make it Better

If you’re Zoom-ing all day for work, then Zoom-ing at night to catch up with family and friends or even for the sake of entertainment, chances are you’re a bit Zoom crazy. Here are a few tips to break the monotony and make the experience better. 

  • Turn off your mic when you feel antsy and turn on some music. Play one song that soothes you. Even if you play it for two minutes, play a song that refreshes your mind and spirit. 
  • Turn off your mic and camera and stretch in place by your work station. You can listen to the conference as you give your legs and body a break from sitting. 
  • Between Zoom calls, get up and exercise. If you can schedule a half hour of yoga stretches or a brisk walk in the neighborhood, do it. 
  • Use your lunch time to exercise and eat a healthy, energy-inducing lunch. 
  • Stay off of social media to avoid bad news or triggering emotional posts. Save social media for later when you can manage your emotional responses. 

Buy a good chair to support the long sitting. Switch up locations, if possible, to take those calls. And decompress after a day of those calls. 

We are all a bit weary but we need our incomes. So give yourself the gift of change and comfort as you adjust. 


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