Good News for Writers and Authors

We all need some good news, particularly those of us who write or are book authors. This is good news for writers and authors – new and veteran. Let’s start with this bit of good news: People are reading more. That means you have an audience and little reason to keep your writing to yourself. 

Here is some curated good news from trusted sources for writers. 

US Book Publishing Remains Resilient: Print and Ebook Sales Are Growing

Why Write Memoir Right Now

Writer’s Digest Best 2020 Writers’ Communities/Website

Publishers’ Weekly List of Virtual Trade Show Events

PW’s Podcasts offer diversity in genre and perspective 

The way we see it, the good news is there is a market for your book or writing AND you can write that memoir and have lots to tell during this pandemic AND you can find a community online that fits your needs as a writer AND you can attend those pricey trade shows without leaving home AND you can learn about the industry by virtue of podcasts. Ain’t that good news? 

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