5 Ways to Get Publicity for Anything but Your Book

Most people make the mistake of believing that publicity is limited to their book project, when it involves layers and layers of strategy on the part of publicists and PR professionals. If you have a book to sell, the last thing you want to rely on is simply publicity for the book. People don’t buy books, they buy authors. That said, here are 5 ways to get publicity or solicit it when you don’t want to pay a publicist (pray for them) or you cannot afford to pay for one.

  1. Extract topical themes from the book and send email messages to your local media telling them that you’re equipped to speak on those subjects. Please be equipped to speak on those topics.
  2. Write an op-ed for your local newspaper – print or online – that speaks to a subject nearest and dearest to your heart, and make sure your mini bio mentions you are an author and has your website address.
  3. Find a site that has content you love, and write the editor a request to write an article. Again, make sure your mini bio contains information about your book.
  4. Write a local book journalist or features editor and ask them the ways you can be included in stories in their section. Make sure you introduce yourself to them in a way that signals gratitude and sincerity.
  5. Every three or so months, send an email message to local community affairs directors at TV and radio stations to let them know you are available for forums or panels on their shows.

Bonus: Take a few chances on Twitter and Instagram and reach out to journalists and people who cover books to draw attention to you and your work.

Publicity is tricky but you can do these 5 things. Remember to always thank a journalist or editor for covering you or not, they won’t forget your kindness.



Want to Create Audiobooks? Here are 5 Really Good Resources

Audiobooks are emerging as a trend in book publishing. More and more indie authors are considering taking their works and turning them into another stream of income known as audiobooks. If you have been considering it, here are five great resources to study and consider.

Read this article on Jane Friedman’s site as written by Jules Horne, Writing for Audio: Understanding Attunement, then follow the links to Jules’ site to learn more from her expertise on audiobooks.

Visit Findaway Voices to learn about their services for audiobook producers. They have a sister site Chirp that focuses on marketing and distributing audiobooks.

EBook It has a step-by-step guide for producing an audiobook that is pretty good for free advice found online.

Author’s Republic is an amazing resource not only for audiobook production and distribution but for the promotion and distribution of hard copies too.

Lastly, Deborah Jacobs deals extensively about the business of audiobooks on her site.

Imagine all of the people who don’t have time for reading a hard copy of a book but prefer to listen to your work while driving or commuting. This could be an amazing option for you.

“Love Walked In” is Now Available!

Patricia with new anthology book, Love Walked In

I’m so excited to introduce my latest anthology project, LOVE WALKED IN.


Love can be so unexpected and can arrive in our lives at just the right time. LOVE WALKED IN features eight sweet Christian romance short stories from veteran and new authors. Enjoy stories of characters finding love at last.

My Short Story

by Patricia A. Bridewell

Jamila Parker’s rise to gospel recording artist is a few weeks away. Singing in a Stellar-Award winning church choir and a gospel group exceeds all expectations except one — a man who truly loves her. When a jealous ex-boyfriend begins stalking and making threats, Jada’s emotions shatter. In walks Nolan Spencer, the new Minister of Music, who spins her mind from fantasy to reality. He is everything she has ever wanted, but is he real? Yes, he is, and they connect. When Nolan’s secret past is exposed, will their romance continue to flourish, or will the chaos rip them apart?

Please do check out my story along with my co-authors’ short stories.


7 Summer Book or Product Promotions that Cost Little to Nothing

Book and product marketing is not hard but it is time-consuming. It also can cost money, so here are 7 ideas you can implement with little to no money or in little time.

  1. Create graphics that promote your own book(s) and schedule them throughout the summer.
  2. Add your personal summer reading list on your website blog. Share it on social media and even tag authors.
  3. Create a playlist – Music to Read By on the Beach (or something like that) – and share it across social networks always providing a link to your own books.
  4. Start promoting a work in progress or an upcoming product promotion. Provide teasers.
  5. Create local events in the library like meetups or go invite local fans and friends to meet you for coffee – pay for a pot or two and just have fun chatting and taking photos for social media.
  6. Query a local newspaper or online publication to write a post or two about book writing or giving business tips. Use your boilerplate bio (the mini bio at the end) to link your site.
  7. Use your Facebook Business Page’s Watch feature to upload videos or host watch parties on Facebook, invite followers, and discuss. You can pre-schedule them and take the time to watch and discuss with them.

Sometimes the simple things do the absolute most to keep the marketing wheel turning. You’ve got this!

Pay it Forward with Followers

As we enter approach the end of spring (where did it go?) and enter into summer, there are few things we can do to engage our social media followers, and even challenge them. Why not pay it forward? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a meme or graphic that challenges them to stop what they’re doing and take 5 minutes to do something for themselves (take a walk, eat something healthy, turn off their phones).
  • Create a meme or graphic that challenges them to take 5 minutes to reach out to someone who is going through a tough time. Encourage them to send a message or email or text. Simply tell someone that they are thought of and remembered.
  • Create a meme or graphic challenging followers to give $5 during the week to a charity or to someone who could use the extra money.
  • Create a meme or graphic challenging your followers to take $5 to do something nice for them and challenge them not to spend it on bills or necessities.
  • Create a meme or graphic challenging followers to tag a friend they want to recognize as kind and wonderful.

These are easy to do and truth is most people feel good to know they are thought of and when they give. Pay it forward. Just because.

5 Things to Know about Using Instagram for Business

Most of us use Instagram for various reasons but there are a few things to know about using Instagram’s Business features. This is important if you’re trying to market a book or product or yourself as a speaker or expert.

  1. Instagram for Business can only be activated when it is linked to a Facebook business page or page (not be confused with your personal profile).
  2. Instagram for Business enables you to create ads, pay for Instagram promotions, and sell from Instagram.
  3. The best ways to grow an organic Instagram following is to use hashtags and to post at least once a day. Save time posting by using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite.
  4. Read your Insights regularly to see what times of day people are reading your content, which days, and their age demographics.
  5. Run contests and now you can use Instagram Stories to poll your followers.

Instagram for Business is an amazing tool. Even if you are building a business, this is a great way to begin marketing it or you before a launch. How do you use Instagram for Business? Share in the comments.

How are you using your Facebook and Instagram stories?

The stories features on Facebook and Instagram – phone app and desktop versions – can be wonderful ways to keep engagement ongoing with both audiences. If you’re unfamiliar with stories, then go to your page’s profile photo, where you will see a “+” button. Tap on that feature and you can begin adding content (photos, memes, and video) directed to your audience. Instagram enables you to “highlight” a story that will appear featured on your profile.

If you are an author or businessperson, then stories can be a great marketing tool to share new books, written work, or even a product. Both have reach within your engagement circles and on the apps as a whole.

Here are a few ways to use stories:

  1. Recycle old content (images, memes, and video) to share with your followers
  2. Market and advertise events (once per 24-hour cycle)
  3. Market and advertise promotions
  4. Send well-wishes to individual followers or simply celebrate holidays
  5. For use as a supplement to regular content – tell people to view your stories for more information or in a contest to reveal the winner

If you are a Canva.com user, then you will find stories templates you can use without having to figure out the dimensions. Facebook custom dimensions for stories is 1,080 x 1,920 pixels, and the same can be used Instagram. Make sure the text is centered for good viewing.

How do you use stories? Tell us in the comments.