It is National Novel Writing Month So Here are 5 Facts for Nonfiction Authors

Let’s take a left turn while others are taking a right at National Novel Writing Month. Nonfiction writers and want-to-be authors need love too. If you’re a newbie nonfiction author or one that endeavors to write a nonfiction book, here are a few tips to help you along the way.


Nonfiction has multiple genres. Here are a few: Inspirational, Christian, self-help, lifestyle, travel, culinary, biography, autobiography, and memoir.


Nonfiction is fact dependent and oriented. While nonfiction can be in first-person narrative and personal (about an experience, etc.), it is dependent on truth and facts that can be substantiated. It is okay to take creative license in executing a nonfiction work, but it is not okay to distort the facts.


Nonfiction requires research. For example, if you’re going to write a book about depression and teens, then do the research work to avoid conjecture on a sensitive and clinical subject, especially if you’re not an expert clinician.


Nonfiction publishing requires specialized editing. If you are going to be self-published, then consider budgeting for a fact-checker, development editor, copy editor, a proofreader, and an indexer. The same holds true if you plan to shop a nonfiction book proposal to a major publishing house, where technical execution is as important as credibility.


Nonfiction writing prevails in the publishing industry. There is always room for a new topic or a new take on an old topic.

Be confident, nonfiction writers. There is a place for you even if you have to create your own. Consider the above facts and best wishes.


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