10 Quotes for Women’s History 

Need inspiration and motivation? Well, here are 10 quotations you can use to lift your own spirits or the spirits of your followers. 

“I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.” — Amy Poehler

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” — Maya Angelou

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” — Dolly Parton

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” — Audre Lorde

“Women and girls can do whatever they want. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.” — Michelle Obama

“My mother did not raise me to ask for permission to lead.” ― Ayanna Pressley

“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” ― Maya Angelou

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” — Melinda Gates

“Without justice there can be no love.” — bell hooks

Be inspired. Happy Women’s History Month!


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